Common Leadership Issues

What issues are you facing?

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Gavin Bryce

There are many ways that we can work together to get your business moving in the right direction. See below for some of the most common issues leaders are currently facing.

The CEO role can feel overwhelming. If you have multiple issues affecting your leadership and business, often the best place to start is with a conversation.
I'm A New CEO
If you are new to the top job, it can feel daunting to be a first-time CEO. You may not know what the role entails and how to shift your mindset from ‘doer’ to ‘facilitator’. You may struggle to let go of operational aspects of your former roles and be unsure of how and when to delegate. 
I Feel Stuck
Feeling stuck can be the result of various factors, including accepting the status quo because its ‘comfortable’ and ‘easy’. Equally, it might be because you doubt your vision, or have reached a crossroads in your leadership journey. How do you scale your business to the next level?
I Never Have Time
The role of CEO is bigger than the time you have available. This is a reality you must accept. Learning how to prioritise what matters is key. How do you get from the dancefloor (working in the business) to the balcony (working on the business)?
I Lack Unique Perspectives
If no-one ever says ‘no’ to you, it is highly likely that your leadership has become insular and lacks the unique perspectives of others. Diversity of thought is key to making better decisions. How do you nurture trust and encourage ideological conflict within your top teams?
My Teams Lack Accountability
Improving accountability starts with the leader – that’s you. Your role is to create a psychologically safe environment, communicate a clear strategic vision, manage your people’s performance, and delegate effectively. How do you create an accountability culture?
I Don't Have Processes

As you scale your business, having clear, simple, and repeatable processes in place is crucial. It supports your teams to deliver consistent, high-quality work for your customers, and ensures that no person in your business becomes a knowledge bottle-neck (including you!). What are the steps required to put an effective business operating system in place?

I Often Doubt Myself
Facing the challenges of being the CEO requires inner strength. Yet the inner negative voice we all have can get in our way. This can make your role as leader harder, more stressful, less enjoyable, and less likely  to produce desirable results. How do you quell the inner saboteur?