Constant Progression

Leadership Coaching

Navigate Change
With Renewed Confidence

In a world where change is the only constant, the most effective leaders understand the value of reflective exploration with a trusted guide, over solitary decision-making.


As your Coach, I will guide you through powerful questioning that uncovers your own insights and steers your strategic thinking.


Personalised coaching sessions are designed to help you delve deep into the challenges and opportunities you face.


With my coaching every conversation amplifies your potential for extraordinary achievements.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Coaching is an invaluable tool for leaders to unlock their potential and maximise their effectiveness in leading their teams.


It helps them identify areas of improvement, understand how to communicate effectively with different people, and make better decisions.


Through coaching, leaders can gain the skills to foster an environment of creativity and cooperation in their organisation.


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If you would like to explore how my coaching could support you on your leadership journey, you can book a Discovery Call with me.


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Gavin Bryce
Leadership Coach & Author

Being a leader presents a unique set of challenges. Until you have sat in that chair, as I have, it can be hard to comprehend. It takes a great deal of courage to sit in the leader’s seat and shoulder the risks and responsibilities of running a business.


Being the leader can be overwhelming, isolating and lonely, with few options to receive genuinely critical feedback on your ideas, strategies and plans. They say “it’s lonely at the top” for a reason.


I believe my clients are the experts at living their lives and that they possess the capacity and ability to achieve their goals. My role as Coach is to magnify that latent potential by challenging my clients to reach new levels of self-belief, creativity and motivation – by moving them outside their comfort zone.

I help move my clients to move in the ‘right’ direction towards achieving their goals in business and in life.


I am trained as a solution-focused coach, with a focus on Senior Executives and Leaders.


I have a keen interest in supporting leaders overcome imposter syndrome and negative self-talk. My passion on this topic led me to write my book, ‘Unmask the Confident Leader Within’, published by Rethink Press.


I adhere to the British School of Coaching’s Professional Code of Conduct. 

Gavin Bryce

I became a Coach to fulfil my purpose of magnifying leaders’ potential to create greater impact in what they do, while supporting them to live more fulfilling lives. I focus on high-integrity leaders who want to make better decisions that deliver exceptional outcomes for them and their businesses. My philosophy is one of constant progression and growth – personal and professional.

Leadership Coaching:


Each coaching session is delivered online and lasts for 60 minutes.


Prior to your first coaching session you will receive a ‘Contracting’ call to explore what coaching is (and isn’t) able to support you with. This will include a discussion on our joint responsibilities. 


Before each coaching session, you will be asked to complete a preparation questionnaire to support you to focus on what you want to get out of each session. 


Increased self-awareness is one of the most significant benefits of leadership coaching. Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and behavioural patterns allows you to lead more consciously and effectively. It also helps in managing stress, fostering resilience, and achieving greater satisfaction in your professional and personal life.


With a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, you can make more informed, strategic decisions that lead to better business outcomes.


Leadership coaching significantly boosts your confidence by affirming your capabilities and helping you to master new skills. Confidence is contagious and can greatly influence your team’s morale and performance.



More Benefits

Leadership coaching transcends individual benefits by fostering a healthy team environment. Coached leaders can create more cohesive and motivated teams, reduce conflict, and enhance communication paths. This leads to increased productivity and better team outcomes.



Leadership coaching equips you with the skills needed to manage change effectively. Whether it’s navigating organisational restructuring, adopting new technologies, or shifting market dynamics, a coached leader is well-prepared to lead change initiatives, minimising disruption and maximising acceptance.


Leadership coaching differentiates itself from one-time training sessions by providing ongoing support and development, ensuring that improvements are sustained over time.

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I specialise in empowering leaders of small businesses through targeted leadership coaching. My 30-minute complimentary Leadership Coaching Discovery Call is the gateway to enhancing your leadership skills and propelling your business forward.


Why Book a Discovery Call?


  • Personalised Coaching Focus: Understand how personalised coaching can transform your leadership. During our confidential call, we’ll discuss your current challenges and goals to tailor my coaching approach to your specific needs.

  • Immediate Insights: You’ll leave the call with valuable insights and initial strategies that reflect my commitment to your growth. This is more than an introductory chat; it’s the beginning of your journey to becoming a more effective leader.

  • Risk-Free Exploration: This free session is your opportunity to experience the benefits of professional leadership coaching with no obligation. My aim is to show you the tangible value that my coaching can bring to your personal and professional development.

  • Convenient and Flexible: We’re all busy. That’s why I offer flexible scheduling, making it easy for you to take the first step towards transformative change.

Book your free Discovery Call today and let’s explore how I can help you develop the confidence and skills to lead your business to new heights.