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It can be lonely at the top but it doesn't have to be

Your role as a leader is getting tougher. You must successfully navigate a range of increasingly unpredictable forces to move your business in the right direction. Leading a business or team, whether you are a business owner, partner, or employee, presents a unique set of challenges. The daily demands on your time, energy and resolve can seem limitless. The pressure and sense of isolation can feel overwhelming. You want your leadership to make a difference. You want your decisions to move you forward, bringing everyone on the journey with you. You want your leadership to matter.


Learn how to Unmask the Confident Leader Within You to rediscover your confidence, stop procrastination, make better decisions, and move your career in the right direction.


Date: 11 Apr 2024


26 Jun 2024

My Services Portfolio

I work directly with growth mindset leaders and their senior teams as a coach, mentor and consultant. My aim is to support leaders to realise their strategic visions, get unstuck, and to move their businesses in the right direction. 

Leadership Coaching

Join my Unmasking Leaders’ Coaching Programme to reclaim your identity as an assured and confident leader. 

Business Consultancy

I offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to support you in realising your strategic vision. 

Facilitated Learning

I offer both in-house and scheduled facilitated learning courses on my Unmasking Plan.

Keynote Speaker

On the topic of my book, Unmask The Confident Leader Within, I am available for team retreats, staff seminars, and conferences.

Amazon Best-Seller

New Leadership Development Book

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Unmask the Confident Leader Within gives you strategies and techniques that will enable you to expose and reject your inner critic and reclaim your true identify as an assured and self-possessed leader.

Read this book to:

  • Rediscover your true self
  • Make decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Build trusting, productive teams
  • Be happier in leadership and life

The book contains a powerful Unmasking Plan which you can put into action to rediscover your true identity as a confident leader.

Be A More Confident Leader

An inner saboteur holds back many leaders. Based on my Amazon Bestselling book, Unmask The Confident Leader Within, I will give you strategies that will enable you to expose and reject your inner critic and claim your true identify as an assured and self-possessed leader.

Make Better Decisions

Leading a company can feel like a lonely place. Make better decisions with my Leadership Coaching and CEO Peer support. As your coach, I am here to guide you, to act as your sounding board, and to hold you accountable for success.

Have a Positive Culture

My services are designed to enhance communication, build a positive and psychologically safe culture, while improving processes and systems of accountability at all levels of your business. 

Move your leadership and business in the right direction

About me

"I established Constant Progression to support leaders to live more consciously."

My mission is to magnify leaders’ potential to create greater impact in what they do, while living more fulfilling lives. 

I am the founder of Constant Progression, which I established as a boutique leadership and business consultancy to support small and medium-sized organisations. 

I have over 25 years’ global experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

I am a solution-focused leadership coach and business consultant. I am the author of Unmask the Confident Leader Within and a Group Chair with Vistage International. 

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Common Leadership Issues

How can I help you grow?

The Constant Progression 4-Step Business Support Plan

Let me support you to get unstuck and move your business in the right direction

Step 1: Discovery

Understand what’s holding you back with deep analysis to expose your issues and identify solutions.

Step 2: Strategy

Using Discovery Insights, set the strategic direction while mitigating weaknesses and threats.

Step 3: Delivery

Implement your Delivery Plan alongside a comprehensive performance management process.

Step 4: Review

Regular weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews with course corrections to ensure progress and drive results.

Get the CEOs 7 Laws of Leadership

As a CEO, you are in the business of making decisions, and it’s the outcome of those decisions that define your success. This guide will help you to rise to the challenge day after day.


Collaborator Feedback

In the time that I have been working with Gavin, he has helped me to grow and learn. I value his knowledge and guidance and always look forward to our meetings.
Andrew McGarva
Rector, Morrisons Academy
Gavin is a highly principled individual who I have known as a colleague of Vistage. Gavin's contribution to our group of CEOs and MDs was always hugely valuable, due to his analytical thinking and way of looking at any issue in a logical process-driven way. His ability to get to the nub of the matter and offer constructive advice, in a way which challenged and drove new ways of thinking in the group made him a key member. I am confident that Gavin would add value to any organisation using the skills I have seen him demonstrate.
Heather Matthews
Managing Director, Littles Chauffeur Drive
It’s great to have the opportunity to work with Gavin. He has helped me identify the areas that need improvement in business and my personal life. After a few sessions, we have started outlining goals and a plan to work towards them.
Scott Munn
Managing Director (Acting), Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors
We engaged Gavin in a business coaching capacity at a time when we had decided we wanted/needed to grow our company. I can honestly say that the work we did with Gavin transformed our business in so many ways. We have benefitted both professionally and personally from the bespoke sessions Gavin put together for us. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gavin for anyone who is looking to transform their business, inspire their teams and improve profitability.
Ben O'Hara
Creative Director, The Business Creative
Gavin has been great! His helpfulness and forthright willingness to share his wealth of knowledge has transformed the way I look at my business. I highly recommend Gavin.
Billy Polson
Managing Director, Australian Internet Advertising
Gavin is an astute, commercially-driven leader with exceptional emotional intelligence. His forensic approach to addressing complex situations makes him an excellent problem solver and his laser-like focus helps simplify and demystify even the most challenging of issues. As part of my Vistage leadership group, Gavin consistently gave not only his 100% time and attention, but the very best C-level advice across multiple sectors and disciplines, the kind of advice you can never place too high a value on and that's very rare to find. He is dynamic, agile, focussed, practical and an exceptional people person. An asset to any leadership team or board, whether short or long term. Above all, he's simply a great person who gets things done.
Laurna Woods
Group CEO, Tigerbond
Gavin in an excellent coach and I find his professional insight and empathetic approach to be incredibly helpful. Gavin chair's our Vistage network brilliantly, always adapting to the needs of the network by providing fantastic input from his own experience and sourcing experts to speak on issues of value. Gavin has an warm and honest approach which is really refreshing. His work on the Unwritten Script encourages leaders to think outside of just professional experience which, I believe, has made me a better leader.
Gail Burden
CEO, Capella
Gavin is a practice leader in the business world. He is working directly with our company to help focus our growth and improve our process. Even in the few months we have worked with Gavin, he has had a direct impact on our outlook of the future. His ability to see the big picture, pin point improvements, and distil them into actionable steps is top notch. I would recommend connecting with Gavin if you are looking to grow your impact in the world in any way.
Patrick Panayotov
Partner, Proceed Innovative
We engaged Gavin as a business consultant and he worked with us for a period of six months. The work which Gavin did with us has completely reshaped our business. He has provided us with the guidance and tools to seriously start to grow the company.
Jane Maguire Goble
Managing Director, The Business Creative