About Me

My personal mission is to magnify the potential of leaders and their businesses.

Career Summary

Over three decades, I have supported organisations globally to improve their effectiveness, productivity, value, and impact. Working across multiple sectors, countries, and cultures, I have gained specialist skills in strategy, marketing, governance, operations, communications, and developmental processes.

In addition to my work with the private sector, I have led complex strategic and operational reviews for large government-funded, multi-country programmes, as well as supporting the missions of some of the world’s best known not-for-profit organisations and academic institutions.

Operating at a senior leadership level, I am a skilled problem solver and communicator who quickly builds trust in teams to realise their shared visions.

I am an accomplished entrepreneur having built a multi-million-pound business portfolio and I am the author of Unmask the Confident Leader Within, published by ReThink Press.

My Services Portfolio

I work directly with growth mindset leaders and their senior teams as a coach, mentor and consultant. My aim is to support leaders to realise their strategic visions, get unstuck, and to move their businesses in the right direction. 

Leadership Coaching

Join my Unmasking Leaders Coaching Programme to reclaim your identity as an assured and confident leader. 

Business Consultancy

I offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to support you in realising your strategic vision. 

Facilitated Learning

I offer both in-house and scheduled facilitated learning courses on my Unmasking Plan.

Keynote Speaker

On the topic of my book, Unmask The Confident Leader Within, I am available for team retreats, staff seminars, and conferences.

Amazon Best-Seller

Unmask the Confident Leader Within

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Unmask the Confident Leader Within gives you strategies and techniques that will enable you to expose and reject your inner critic and reclaim your true identify as an assured and self-possessed leader.

Read this book to:

  • Rediscover your true self
  • Make decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Build trusting, productive teams
  • Be happier in leadership and life

The book contains a powerful Unmasking Plan which you can put into action to rediscover your true identity as a confident leader.