Constant Progression

and Recommendations

Creative Director

Ben O'Hara

The Business Creative

“I can honestly say that the work we did with Gavin transformed our business in so many ways. We have benefitted both professionally and personally from his engagement. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gavin to anyone who is looking to transform their business.”

Managing Director

Billy Polson

Australian Internet Advertising

“Gavin has been great! His helpfulness and forthright willingness to share his wealth of knowledge has transformed the way I look at my business.”

Group CEO

Laurna Woods

Tiger Bond

“Gavin is an astute, commercially-driven leader with exceptional emotional intelligence. His forensic approach to addressing complex situations makes him an excellent problem solver.”


Gail Burden


“Gavin is an excellent coach. I find his professional insight and empathetic approach incredibly helpful. He has a warm and honest approach which is really refreshing.”

Business Partner

Patrick Panayotov

Proceed Innovative

“Gavin is a practice leader in the business world. He has helped our company to focus on growth and improve our processes. Gavin has had a direct impact on our outlook for the future. His ability to see the big picture, pin point improvements and distil them into actionable steps, is top notch.”

Managing Director

Jane Maquire Goble

The Business Creative

“The work Gavin has done with us has completely reshaped our business. He has provided us with the guidance and tools to seriously start to grow the company. If you want to grow your business and adopt a new way of working, I cannot recommend Gavin highly enough.”


Andrew Mcgarva

Morrisons Academy

“Gavin has helped me to learn and grow. I value his knowledge and guidance and always look forward to our meetings.”

Managing Director

Heather Matthews

Littles Chauffeur Drive

“Gavin’s contribution was always hugely valuable due to his analytical thinking and way of looking at any issue in a logical, process-driven way. I am confident that Gavin would add value to any organisation using the skills I have seen him demonstrate.”

Managing Director

Scott Munn

Anderson Maguire

“It’s great to have the opportunity to work with Gavin. He has helped me identify the areas that need improvement in the business and my personal life.”